Registering a Domain Name


Greetings in this post I am going to walk you through registering a domain name.

My preferences of a domain name register is

First go to and click on signup once you signup click the logo and put in your preferred niche domain name which ever you worked out.

Once you put in your domain name that you chose like in the video I chose as I looked it up it said it was available I then scrolled down to find the extension for the domain .com  Once you find that .com click on add to cart button to the right.

Then click on view cart.

Once you click on that scroll down and uncheck whois guard which you do not need.

Once you are done there click on confirm order it is on the right hand side. Once you do that you are brought to the payment part of the process.  You will then fill in the required fields for payment.  You will have the option to save your card.  I chose not to do so at this time so I uncheck that portion of the payment process.

Once you are done paying for your domain you then hover over the top bar where your user name is and click on dashboard.

Then once in your dashboard click on domain list.

Then click on the box next to your new domain name now if you have hosting already then you would click on manage and then scroll down to add your nameservers.

Once you add your nameservers click the green checkmark and you are done.

If you do not have hosting yet then you will have to wait till you get hosting to do this.

I will be writing a blog post and creating a video about doing that.

All The Best
Edward Haberthur

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8 Responses to Registering a Domain Name

  1. Mike Allen says:

    I also use namecheap. Sometimes when I am looking for a .info or other extension I can grab it for 88 cents for the first year. I agree .com is far more authoritative for most people. I am glad you showed us this. Thanks for the share. I sometimes forget the steps to get to the nameservers so I can load this and do it quick 🙂

    • Edward says:

      Hi Mike thank you for the comment. I sometimes forget to go and do the nameservers when I buy the domain this can also
      be a reminder for myself.

      All The Best
      Edward Haberthur

  2. Pat wills says:

    Good work Ed. Thanks for the detailed explanation!

  3. Helen Lindop says:

    I’ve used Namecheap for a few years now with no problems at all. I had to contact their support guys once and found them very helpful.

  4. Victoria says:

    I have heard of Namecheap but I tend to purchase from Godaddy. Good to know about the alternatives out there.

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