My plan for December & 2017 and on


What am I planning for the coming year well there is a lot of good stuff for this blog and my other 2 sites well I plan on having more than these 3 sites.

In reality I am planning a lot more sites.  Sites that I can have a blog and a micro membership program.

Though the plan is to focus a lot of my attention on building my private label rights business and moving that to the next level.

I plan on launching each month a done for you product or full content funnel package. I really like that concept and plan to create some amazing products.

Also I plan on building up my store for 2017 and beyond.  Each time I launch a done for you or full content funnel it will be on sale for one week may be less once the sale is over it will be moved over to the store for full price.

I am also going to be launching my paid challenges which will consist of different topics.

I also am going to work on different products for my nutrition website like ebooks and courses.  Though still in the works on the courses for that site.

I also will be doing a monthly report of what I been doing and how my business is growing and such.


I see a busy year coming for me and I am happy for it to come.

Thank you for reading.

All The Best
Edward Haberthur

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  1. Pat Wills says:

    Sounds like a magnificent year ahead for you. Looking forward to more of your info as you progress.


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