How to choose a Niche

How To Choose a Niche

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In this blog post I am going to share one of my techniques for choosing a niche.

When I am in search of a niche I head on over to and I like to browse the books section to see what is selling at this time. When I search for a particular book I like to slant it down a bit to really get out of the broadness of my niche I am looking for.

How you do that is after you put in your keyword.  In my example in my video I used Gardening. Once I added that to the search bar I then looked on the left hand side and seen more selections here you then pick one of those and narrow it down to fit your niche selection.

Another thing is when creating your products you use this technique to find a good product to create. [Disclaimer] “Do not and I mean do not copy word for word of someone else’s work.”

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